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Italian-American One Voice Coalition is a national network of activists enabling the Italian American community to act as one united voice when dealing with defamation, discrimination and negative stereotyping. Member organizations provide a liaison with the Italian American One Voice Coalition to disseminate information to the Italian American community and protest with one voice against each outrage against our heritage, culture and character.

Report Stereotypes and Prejudices against our Italian Heritage
Contact Us
97 Irving Terrace
Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003
IAOVC Coalition Organizations
  • Anti-Bias Committee Of UNICO National
  • Belleville Unico
  • Bloomfield Unico
  • Brick Unico
  • Bridgeport UNICO
  • Center for Italian and Italian American Culture
  • Clark Unico
  • Federation of Italian American Societies on NJ
  • Italian American Club FSGN
  • Italian American Heritage Club of Hunterdon County
  • Italian American Museum
  • La Festa Italiana
  • Lt. Joseph Petrosino Lodge OSIA
  • National Italian American Legal Defense Fund
  • NJ IIAHC (NJ Commission
  • Ocean County Columbus Parade Committee
  • Stamford UNICO
  • Taylor Street Archives - Vince Romano
  • UNICO National
  • Woodcliff Lake UNICO
Board of Directors
Dr. Emanuele Alfano

Board of Directors:
Paul Alongi
Gene Antonio
Renato Biribin
Dr. Steve DeFronzo
Paul DeGaetano
Sebastian D’Elia
Andre’ DiMino
Corrado Gigante
Jerry Incandela
Vikki Miragliotta
Steve Pelonero
Lisa Pizzella
Connie Pullman
Mike Pisano
Anthony Salvatore

Frank Travisano
Judy Verona Joseph
Alba Mazza