Here comes another mafia movie, it never ends

Cinema Made in Italy, a film series from the Italian Film Commission, brings you the acclaimed Italian film, BLACK SOULS (ANIME NERE) opening this week in US cinemas. Directed by master director Francesco Munzi, BLACK SOULS premiered at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and is a thrilling drama about a mafia family in Calabria, Italy. 

“Four Stars – Shade of Gomorrah and The Godfather. Thrilling!” — The Telegraph

“Rich, Dark and Impeccably Staged.” — The Guardian

“This Year’s Mafia Pic.” — Variety

In this gripping mafia fable, based on true events described in Gioacchino Criaco’s novel, BLACK SOULS (ANIME NERE), violence begets violence and complex morality is inherited by each generation that comes of age in rural Calabria, a real-life mafia (‘Ndrangheta) seat in Southern Italy. The Carbone family consists of three brothers, Luigi (Marco Leonardi) and Rocco (Peppino Mazzotta) who are engaged in the family business of international drug trade and Luciano (Fabrizio Ferracane) who has remained in the ancestral town of Africo in the Aspromonte mountains on the Mediterranean coast – herding goats. His 20-year old son Leo (Giuseppe Fumo) has little respect for his farmer father, but idealizes his Mafioso uncles. When Leo shoots up a bar owned by a rival family with a longstanding blood feud with the Carbones, his reckless actions create trouble that brings the whole family back to Africo for the inevitable bloody showdown. In Italian with English subtitles.

“Munzi peels remorselessly away the layers of his plot in this timeless fable of pride and power, of youth and experience, of father and son, and brother against brother. Anime Nere is far more than a gangster movie set in the Italian south: it becomes a morality tale about breaking cycles of violence and finding a new way. This is its true strength, and Munzi does a superb job of detailing the various forces at work. Dark and sinister, full of foreboding and twists, his elegant film tells the story of a man’s struggle to escape his past with integrity and force.” PIERS HANDLING, TIFF