It Never Ends! Detroit food truck, Dago Joe’s, offends with mozzarella sticks ‘battered like your wife’

From M Live

Dago Joe’s, a Clinton Township-based Italian food truck and catering business, seems to shun political correctness.

While the slang term “Dago,” which has historically been used to disparage a person of Italian, Spanish or Portuguese descent, might offend some, it’s the description of their mozzarella sticks, “battered like your wife,” that earned the 2011-founded companyheadlines Tuesday.

WXYZ-TV, Channel 7’s Ronnie Dahl received a tip about the menu description from a dismayed customer and interviewed owner Joe Sciamanna, who said: ” It’s just a joke. We’re not joking about battered women, we’re just joking about battered mozzarella sticks.”

The description has since been removed from the company’s online menu.

And Dahl on Tuesday reported that someone attempted to cover the phrase on the side of the truck.

MLive Detroit sent an email and left a phone message with the company requesting comment.

Dago Joe’s, which also makes and distributes pasta sauce, is scheduled to be in downtown Detroit near Campus Martius through this week from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.