Defacing Columbus Statue

The Italian American One Voice Coalition ( is adding its voice to the growing chorus of organizations and public officials shocked by the recent defacing of the Christopher Columbus statue in Hamilton Township, NJ.

“We, like so many others, are appalled that the statue of this great Italian explorer would be defaced in such a awful way”, says One Voice president Dr. Manny Alfano.

The 7-foot statue in front of the Italian American Heritage Center on Liberty Street was defaced with graffiti sometime this past weekend. The statue’s face was painted black, the number 13 written on its chest and the letters FU scrawled on the ground in front of the pedestal.

“Italian Americans are very fond of Christopher Columbus” said Dr. Alfano. “Even now we marvel at his navigational skills – and more importantly the courage it took to cross the Atlantic when most believed the world was flat. He united the continents and paved the way for future exploration of the New World. The recent revisionist history of his accomplishments, and the renaming of Columbus Day in some states, is an insult to every Italian American”

The statue stands at the the site of the annual Mercer County Italian American Festival in Mercer County Park. It was unveiled in October during a well attended public ceremony. The Mercer County Italian American Organization is now considering putting up surveillance cameras meanwhile police are investigating.