Right Now is the Right Time to join One Voice

Ethnic bias rears its ugly head wherever we turn. We see it in all facets of the media. It bombards our sense of what we should recognize as unfair and hardly laughable. Unfortunately, too many Italian Americans are oblivious to the slings and arrows of this outrageous campaign to denigrate our ethnicity.

The desire to fit into the mainstream of America blinds them to the disrespect heaped upon their roots. They have somehow turned their backs on their ancestors who emigrated to America for a better life, went on to build the infrastructure of our nation, but never abandoned their love for “the old country” dire conditions forced them to leave behind. Some like my grandfather Salvatore Amico came to America in 1905 and returned to his Sicilian village in 1920, and some like my father Michael Buttaci immigrated here and never returned except for a tearful visit many years later.

When the media insults our ethnicity, it insults all who are a part of it. One can ignore the slurs, pretend they are not malicious, join the insulters, and in so doing, separate ourselves historically from those who preceded us.

A second response to ethnic discrimination is to throw their hands up and declare that it is hopeless to fight against it. The insulting ads keep coming. The Mafia books and films continue to be written and flashed on the giant and no-so-giant screens. It is easier to surrender to ethnic bias, they will tell us, than to once and for all say, “Enough already! We need to join our voices the way other racial and ethnic groups do. We need to present a united front: All for one and one for all!”

The third and most meaningful response is to ally ourselves with an organization that has proven itself unafraid to fight back, to take on the opposition, and make inroads into one day ridding ourselves of these media attacks against us all.

If each of us spoke out individually, we would soon enough earn, not positive results, but frustration. It is necessary that we all join the ranks of ONE VOICE so that our dissent can be heard loudly and clearly. We know there is strength in numbers. Things get done when many stand tall. It is not a soldier sent off to fight a war; it’s an army of soldiers.

Today. This moment. Right now is the right time to join us at the ITALIAN AMERICAN ONE VOICE COALITION.

Regular membership is well worth it for only $60.00 per year. Coalition Organizations may join for only $100.00 a year.

To become a member click on http://www.iaovc.org/membership/ and fill out your membership application. You can use Pay Pal or print your application and mail it with your check to:

IAOVC, P.O. Box 2333 Bloomfield, NJ 07003

We can do this, but we need your help.