Save Columbus Day

Dear Mayor and Council:

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition (IAOVC) is a nationwide army of anti-bias activists who fight discrimination and defend Italian American heritage. ONE VOICE’s goal is to act as a united voice in dealing with defamation, discrimination and negative stereotyping of Italian American culture and heritage.

The IAOVC is in support of the Sacramento Italian American community not to add Indigenous Peoples Day to the Columbus Day Holiday this Tuesday night on December 6 at 6 pm. Please keep in mind that the month of November is designated Native American Month. We feel that you have chosen the 2nd Mondayof October to diminish the accomplishments and the impact Columbus’ voyages had on the world.

As one of our members, Louis J. Palazzi, Jr. stated, “Native Americans certainly deserve their own day and I suggest it be done in November when they have the entire month.  To take it away from a great explorer like Christopher Columbus, who represented all the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and contributions of over 30 million Italian-Americans, would insult one of America’s great minorities. Columbus, like all Americans and humankind in total, had his character faults but his genius, vision, and discovery gave millions hope in a new land when little existed in their own.”

The IAOVC is in support of the Italian Cultural Society and we hope the City Council will cease action to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day on Columbus Day and we too urge the City Council to promote a greater understanding of the Italian American experience in the public schools and in city activities

Dr. Manny Alfano, President