One Voice Activists Recruitment

The goal of the Italian American One Voice Coalition is to do all it can to eliminate negative Italian American stereotyping in the media and elsewhere. We have come a long way since our inception and every day we continue to make a difference. But we can’t do it without you.

Each and every one us must stand together to fight negative Italian American stereotyping.

That’s why I am asking you reach out to friends and family and encourage them to join the Italian American One Voice Coalition. Only through increased numbers and donations can we make a difference. 

In the meantime, rest assure One Voice continues to cooperate with all associated nationwide Italian American organizations as well as our friends doing the same in Canada and elsewhere. Thanks to our efforts and their continued support we have achieved significant victories.

We need to continue the fight.

It’s time to stop the talking and complaining. It’s time to act! More members mean more clout.

Remember changes can come from the power of many, but only when the many come together to form that which is invincible – the power of one.

Manny Alfano, President
973 429-2818