Time to ACT …

Our voices are the only weapon we have. So please let them hear from YOU … Let them know we will no longer tolerate being radicular & disrespected … Manny

The View’ gives Scaramucci a Mussolini-esque nickname

Please be informed of the bigoted remarks against a Italian American perpetrated by  Joy Behar on “The View” show( see below)


This is just the start of what we suspect will be an assault on our culture.

We have sent following to View and each host, and we will continue to tweet 

IAOVC‏ @IAOVC  9m9 minutes ago

@JoyVBehar re: @Scaramucci #Mussolini #IlDuce references – talking issues is ok, attacking #ethnicity is offensive http://ow.ly/lVV430dZegX



Tweet entire list:

  • @TheView
  • @WhoopiGoldberg
  • @JoyVBehar
  • @JedediahBila
  • @SaraHaines
  • @PaulaFaris
  • @sunny

We have also contacted HBO Jeff Cusson

Jeff – good morning. I hope you’re well. This is Frank Cipolla from the Italian American One Voice Coalition. As you recall I, along with several One Voice members, spoke with you by phone several months ago.

One Voice has just issued a press release about White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. It was in no way political. We simply denounced his language as undignified. 

We are reaching out to you since, as an Italian American, Scaramucci will no doubt become the brunt of many jokes and on air references.

Can we respectfully ask, as a pre-emptive strike, that you remind HBO producers and comedy writers to refrain from any mob related humor? 

We can see what’s coming and hope a memo from you to those who write HBO shows will have them think twice before falling back on the usual worn out Italian American mob related references.

Thank you in advance.

Frank Cipolla
Italian American One Voice Coalition


Become a defender of our Italian and Italian-American heritage.

Since June 2011, the Italian-American One Voice Coalition has been growing and becoming more powerful, due to the Italian American Board of Directors’ initiative.

But, if the coalition is to become a force to be reckoned with, it needs the funds, support and a large membership of defenders.

We need defenders that will immediately respond to issues and events that defame and discriminate us. 
We must recruit members that are dedicated to our heritage and are willing to do something about it.

“YOUR VOICE IS POWERFUL … Join ONE VOICE and together we can make a Different.


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