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Bravo Governor Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo speaks out about offensive “Wandering Dago” food truck

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that slurs and stereotypes are unacceptable yet I’m still referred to as a ‘Guido’ at work.

Please, I want you to see Gov. Cuomo’s comments he made on Monday. The link below has the article. To see the video, scroll down to the bottom for the full interview.

http://iajournal.com/gov-cuomo-speaks-offensive-wandering-dago-truck/ Leave a comment at the bottom of the article to show support again FIRM & ALWAYS POLITE


William Porter

Feature writer at the Denver Post, to the Hall of Fame for his stance on decrying Italian stereotypes used by a restaurant. The owners, after having read his review, removed the stereotypical references to Italians from the restaurant’s theme. Click here to read more.


NJ Senator Joseph Kyrillos


Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Hoboken


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