Italian Tribune and IAOVC Introduce a Collaborative Effort

pic 1Buddy Forunato, Publisher, announces that the Italian Tribune and the Italian American One Voice Coalition (IAOVC) have joined in a collaborative effort in the fight to attack defamation and discrimination against Italian Americans. Fortunato said, “We have come together in the belief that the readers of the Italian Tribune want to know more about the issues of discrimination against Italian Americans in the areas of employment, housing and financing. We have also come together to inform you, the readers, of the ongoing fight against the defamation of Italian Americans in the media.” Founder of the Italian American One Voice Coalition (IAOVC) Dr. Manny Alfano joined with the Publisher and said, “This ongoing defamation has a direct correlation to the issue of discrimination. The two issues are inseparable in that images and opinions of Italian Americans are formed from these negative depictions by those in position to hire, sell or finance.” He further continued to say, “This collaboration affords the IAOVC a forum to disseminate the latest information on its almost weekly battles with those who perpetuate negative and stereotypical images of Italian Americans.”

The Italian Tribune has an over 80 year history of telling the real story of Italian Americans and their successes, pains and struggles. Though the faces and images have changed over the years, the core values of hard work, dedication to family and pride of heritage are still there. The IAOVC was formed out of a frustration with the movie, television and advertising industries and their relentless use of negative images portraying Italian Americans. On one hand we have the real story told weekly in a tabloid and on the other, we have a visual assault destroying all the good and real on TV and in movies. Over the coming months the Italian Tribune will feature articles by the writers committee of the IAOVC. Some of the articles will be very topical and cover breaking stories. Some will focus on issues of discrimination and defamation in particular fields of human endeavors. Our writers are Frank Cipolla, a network news anchor at the Wall Street Journal Radio; Steven DeFronzo, MD, specialist in internal medicine; Andre DeMino, past National President, UNICO and president of ADM Tronics; Sebastian D’elia, Union County Communications Director; Vikki Miragliotta, Director of Administration and Program Development, Ocean County Department of Health; and Corrado Gigante, Area Director-Retired, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. With their varied backgrounds, these writers plan to bring you some insights into the ways discrimination and defamation are perpetuated in different fields and walks of life. A regular monthly feature entitled “Know Your Rights” will be written by Corrado Gigante. Drawing on his 36 year career in federal civil rights law enforcement, he will share stories of successful actions taken by Italian Americans who were vindicated as well as share information on the law and how you may be able to address issues and problems you may have.