One Voice Calls on Sponsors to Stop Funding Degrading Series

By Dr. Manny Alfano

The Italian American One Voice Coalition (IAOVC) has denounced A&E’s latest and most disgraceful “reality” series to date, “The Godfather of Pittsburgh” and called on the show’s sponsors to cease and desist their sponsorship. Dr. Manny Alfano, President and Founder of IAOVC stated emphatically, “This show is a disgrace and insult to all Italian Americans. It perpetuates a negative stereotype to the worst degree possible.” He further stated, “The show is without merit or any redeeming qualities; it does not represent the millions of law abiding, decent Americans of Italian descent who have every right to be proud of a rich cultural heritage and the many contributions their families have made to this country.”

Dr. Alfano and the IAOVC have also called on Italian Americans and all persons offended by this fake “reality” series that glorifies criminal behavior to contact the show’s sponsors and ask that they not perpetuate negative images of Italian Americans.

The Godfather of Pittsburgh has been promoted as a series detailing the life of a “successful entrepreneur” (admittedly through criminal activities as detailed in the opening credits). The series details the exploitation of women through strip clubs, “cash activities,” and condones violent and antisocial behavior while glorifying illegal activities as a path to success. It is an insult to the millions of Italian Americans who have attained success through hard work, education and perseverance in law abiding careers. Additionally, One Voice members expressed disgust at the inclusion of minor children in these abhorrent activities, as if it were acceptable. Said Board member Vikki Miragliotta, “Involving a preteen in businesses that denigrate and exploit women is repulsive and possibly a violation of laws protecting children; I hope appropriate authorities are reviewing this show and I am appalled that sponsors would condone this activity by funding a major broadcast.”

For further information contact Vikki Miragliotta at 732-763-2001 or Dr. Manny Alfano at 973 429-2818.


Dunkin Donuts Drops Sponsorship

In a move that proves he lives up to his recent UNICO award for defending Italian American heritage, news anchor and radio personality Gene Valicenti has helped get the first major sponsor to confirm it will not advertise on the new A&E reality series “The Godfather of Pittsburgh.”

Valicenti, who earlier this month interviewed UNICO National Executive Director Andre’ DiMino on his “The Morning Show” on WPRO 630 News Talk Radio, about the new reality series. When Valicenti heard that one of the advertisers on the show’s premiere was Dunkin’ Donuts he commented that he was surprised they would be involved and that he would contact them about it. After a few days Valicenti was able to secure the following official statement from Dunkin’ Donuts:


Dunkin’ Donuts issued the following statement:

“Dunkin’ Donuts does not intend to advertise with this particular program, and it is currently on our “do not air” list for advertising. We understand a Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement did air in error during the premiere episode as part of a larger advertising buy. The program will continue to be on our “do not air” list in 2015.”

On receiving confirmation of the statement from Valicenti, Manny Alfano, President of One Voice stated, “This is what happens when we work together and speak with one voice. I am so pleased that Andre’ DiMino of UNICO was interviewed by Gene Valicenti about this.”


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