DeNiro and Stallone at it Again Disgracing Our Heritage

Movie actors Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone, along with John Goodman took time out to trash Italian Americans –and Christmas–on last week’s Saturday Night Live. In their feeble attempt to portray the Three Wise Men they called themselves the “Three Wise Guys” in a typical stereotype of Italian American mobsters from New York and New Jersey.

Dressed in sweat suits and riding on camels, DeNiro and Stallone continue to sink to the low level that  actors do when they have fading careers. Stallone said, “I make my camel wear shoes so when I look down I don’t see any camel toe.”

“I got him some frankincense,” DeNiro said when asked what he brought for the new baby Jesus. “It’s nice it’s like hair gel.”

Is that the way one speaks of one’s religion and the birth of Jesus at Christmastime? Is there no reverence for that holiday?

Italian Americans Have Two Enemies … The Media and Italian Americans Themselves

Former CIA Chief, Leon Panetta, an Italian American, does further damage to his own heritage by “proudly” stereotyping Italian Americans. How do we ever hope to get control of own culture when some of our own leaders stereotype themselves?

Former CIA director Leon Panetta unwittingly revealed classified information to Zero Dark Thirty screenwriter Mark Boal and said he was happy that “Bin Laden swims with the fishes.”

Panetta was forced to make a statement that he did not know that Boal was in the room during an awards ceremony at the secret service headquarters to celebrate the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan.

“I had no idea that individual was in the audience,” Panetta said. “To this day, I wouldn’t know him if he walked into the room.”

The disclosure came after conservative group Judicial Watch obtained 200 pages of declassified documents by the CIA. A transcript of Panetta’s speech, labelled “top secret”, has been heavily redacted by the agency.

At the end of his speech Panetta said: “You have made me very proud of the CIA family. And you have made me proud as an Italian to know that bin Laden swims with the fishes.” The quote was lifted from The Godfather movie.