Italian American One Voice Coalition Raps Limbaugh for Anti-Italian Remarks

January 24, 2012
For immediate release
Contact: Sebastian D‟Elia, Communications Director
Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition

NEW JERSEY/NEW YORK—The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition, a nationwide coalition of anti-bias activists, is calling on nationally-syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh to apologize for using the slur “Italian greaseball” during a recent broadcast.

Limbaugh used the term in reference to former NJ Governor Jon Corzine, during a broadcast last month, and the transcript, which recently came to light, is posted at:

„Corzine has curly hair. Corzine’s the kind of guy that never has to wash it; you can’t tell the difference when he does. He never has to brush it or comb it, you can’t tell the difference when he does. That’s why this stands out. I mean, he‟s got Italian grease ball, whatever, sixteen. He’s lathered it on there; he’s slicked it back.‟ (emphasis added).

Andre‟ DiMino, president of ONE VOICE, criticized Limbaugh and wrote a letter demanding an apology.

“With your millions of listeners and prominence in the American political landscape, YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to do the right thing,” DiMino penned. “Your stereotypical, demeaning and pejorative „…Italian Greaseball…‟ comment IS CERTAINLY NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO!”

ONE VOICE has activated its network of Defenders and urges others to respond to Limbaugh via email at or by calling 1-800-282-2882 during Limbaugh‟s broadcast hours to express outrage.

“Although we have been barraged with such stereotyping and denigration in the entertainment media, we certainly did not expect to have it hurled upon us by someone in your position,” DiMino wrote to Limbaugh. “Your comment was a disgrace and you should IMMEDIATELY apologize to ALL Italian Americans for your insensitivity and insult!”

“You would not have made such a blatant, demeaning and pejorative comment about any other ethnic or racial group. Mr. Limbaugh, we ask for that same sensitivity,” DiMino noted. “Retract your comment and apologize for making it. That is the right thing to do now!”

ONE VOICE is different from all other Italian American groups in that its sole focus and objective is to fight bias, stereotyping and discrimination against Italian Americans. It is the only national Italian American organization with this singular mandate.

ONE VOICE‟s stated mission is to “… secure the rightful representation of Americans of Italian origin and of all peoples whose paths toward social equality have been impeded. The powers of intellect, wisdom and due process of law will be brought to bear on all inequities.”

ONE VOICE works closely with other major Italian American organizations such as UNICO National, NIAF and OSIA. ONE VOICE Founder and Chairman, Manny Alfano issues a regular email newsletter, “The Alfano Digest,” to more than 5,000 individuals and Italian American organizations nationwide.



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