MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’

Dear Editor:

The award of $420,000 in tax credits to MTV’s ‘JerseyShore’ by the NJ Economic Development Authority is shocking!  The NJ EDA has abrogated the public trust by awarding a tax credit to a show that not only stereotypes Italian Americans, but promotes violence, and cast members who revel in openly breaking the law.  Public monies should never be used to subsidize and promote violence, criminal behavior and ethnic stereotyping.  This is just disgraceful, and we are calling upon Governor Christie and all our legislators to immediately stop the tax credit for ‘JerseyShore.’  This is similar to Nero fiddling whileRomeburns. WithNew Jerseyexperiencing record unemployment and residents losing their homes, the money could clearly be used to create meaningful new jobs, and provide property tax relief, and not to aid and abet a racist and disgraceful show. The show depicts, promotes and glorifies real-life acts of violence, criminal behavior and hate speech by its cast members.   We are seeking to explore the legality of whether public funding should be used to subsidize or underwrite these endeavors.  First, Rutgers pays one of these ‘JerseyShore’ malcontents $32,000 for a speech and now we, as taxpayers, have to subsidize such trash TV – UNBELIEVABLE and UNACCEPTABLE!


Andre’ DiMino


Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition

The only national Italian American group with a sole objective of fighting bias, stereotyping and discrimination against Italian Americans