New Reality Show “The Capones” are really “The Cafoni”

Al Capone’s real family is currently starring in “The Capones,” a reality show that premiered last week on Reelz Channel. This is yet another shameful show that demeans and ridicules Italian Americans.

Below is a description of the show from the ReelzChannel website.

“In the new workplace docuseries, The Capones, the spirit of the infamous gangster Al Capone still lives on in the form of this drama-filled, lasagna-loving dysfunctional family who are living a true mash up of the American dream as they run the family restaurant “Capone’s Restaurant & Pizzeria.” With a notorious family tree and larger-than-life personalities surrounding him, Dom Capone (“The Boss”) runs his unkempt crew with an iron fist at the Capone mansion. No matter what happens, they always end the week with the traditional Sunday dinner, where the drama is always spicier than the pepperoni.”

Watch the show and get the names of the advertisers so you can contact them.

You can send your comments and questions to ReelzChannel, Albuquerque Studios — Bldg. D, 5650 University Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 or email them at

Editor’s Note: The following is a Dominic Capone’s response to an IAOVC Facebook comment which was received this week.

American One Voice Coalition: when it comes to their heritage … Well if they can make a Buck … they don’t give a You Know What!

Dominic Capone: Kinda like you guys selling memberships to join..Make a buck the show before you judge.