One Voice Coalition places AFLAC on their “Wall of Shame”

NEW JERSEY—- The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition (IAOVC), the nation’s largest Italian American Anti-Bias group, placed AFLAC on their “Wall of Shame,” following AFLAC’s release of their latest stereotypical commercial “Family Business,” which portrays Italian Americans as mobsters.

This negative ad is unacceptable to Italian Americans and should be removed immediately. Its intent is to ridicule Italian Americans and the IAOVC demands an apology to the Italian American community.

“There is no doubt in our minds. An accordion and mandolins playing Italian background music in a commercial starring Hollywood bad guy Frank Vincent of Goodfellas and Sopranos fame have made it crystal clear they are Italians,” said Dr. Manny Alfano, president of IAOVC.

We have been patient. The Italian American Community and the many Italian American Organizations have repeatedly asked AFLAC a question which needs to be answered –– Would AFLAC have treated another ethnic group this way?

Dr. Manny Alfano, stated, “These are the actions of a company that doesn’t know any better, not a company with such a long history and high standing as AFLAC.”

Alfano added, “If it were any other nationality, it would be called bigotry, but when it involves Italian Americans, it is all good fun and we are told to ‘lighten up.’ This commercial insults Italian Americans and promotes the idea that mob imagery is acceptable.”

ONE VOICE is asking individuals and organizations to contact AFLAC media director Laura Kane at 706 596-3493 and and/or Michael Zuna at 706 302-2592.


The Italian American ONE VOICE (IAOVC) has the single focus and objective of fighting bias, stereotyping, and discrimination against Italian Americans. It is the only national Italian American organization with this sole mission.

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