Political Pundit Chuck Todd Accedes to request from Italian American One Voice and UNICO National and Makes Apology on CNBC for Comments Stereotyping Italian Americans

BLOOMFIELD, NJ—MSNBC political commentator and “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd today acceded to a request from the Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition and UNICO National and made a public apology for comments he made on October 21st on the air during the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC which stereotyped Italian Americans.

During the October 21st Broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” cable program, Todd specifically referred to the New York 11th District Congressional race between Michael Grimm and Domenic Recchia as “…a fight between mob families.” Both Recchia and Grimm are of Italian American heritage.

Both UNICO National and the Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition joined forces in issuing a joint media announcement requesting an immediate apology from Todd.

Subsequently, Todd today apologized on “Morning Joe” for his “cheap slur,” stating it was “bad” and “wrong” and admitted it was offensive to Italians.

Additionally, in a written email to ONE VOICE, Todd went further noting:  “It was a foolish attempt at humor on my part. I am sorry for it. As a Jew, I know that there are some stereotypes that become too easy to say publicly and end up hurting.”

Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition President Manny Alfano thanked Todd for the apology.

“Chuck Todd was sincere and did the right thing with a swift and public apology to Italian Americans,” Alfano said. “Unfortunately, the defamation of Italian Americans is a big business for ‘reality’ television, news and political shows. ONE VOICE will remain vigilant in fighting bias as we encounter it.” 

Upon learning of the on-air apology Andre’ DiMino, Executive Director of UNICO National, stated, “UNICO National thanks the Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition, and especially Dr. Alfano, for continued efforts at defending our heritage against these attacks – UNICO National will continue to work alongside you in these efforts!”

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition is the nation’s only Italian American organization whose sole mandate is to fight stereotypes and bias against Italian Americans.

ONE VOICE has created the first-ever nationwide “rapid response” network of defenders and freedom writers who are activated quickly to respond to bias and stereotyping through emails, letters, and phone calls, through its Facebook page, Twitter account, posts and website (www.IAOVC.org).