The Italian American One Voice Coalition Demands An Apology From New York Gubernatorial Candidate Rob Astorino

Doctor Manny Alfano, the president of the Italian American One Voice Coalition, is today asking New York gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino to issue an apology for his recent insensitive remarks denigrating Italian-Americans.

In referring to his opponent’s reference to the state’s Moreland Anti-Corruption Commission, Astorino said Governor Andrew Cuomo’s request to withdraw a subpeona of a Cuomo-allied entity was akin to the commission receiving an ‘offer you can’t refuse’ – a clear reference to the organized crime movie ‘The Godfather’.

Italian-Americans have long worked to overcome such stereotypes, and Candidate Astorino, himself an Italian-American, owes the community an immediate apology for his offensive remarks”, said Alfano. “In this day and age, it is amazing that anyone running for an elected public office would even consider making such remarks. It proves that once again, when it comes to Italian Americans, everything is fair game.”

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition is the nation’s largest – and only – organization whose main mission is to combat stereotyping and bias against Italian Americans.

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