Time to Act

Attention All Defenders and Coalition Organizations: The following E-Mail was sent to Eric Spitz. Eric is the vice president of all the sports stations including the one in Chicago. Please be polite and firm in your comments to him.  espitz@wfan.com

Mr. Spitz:

It was brought to our attention that yesterday during the Jim Rome National Sports Radio program from Chicago on WFAN sports radio 660 Mr. Rome referred to the rehiring of the Univ. of Louisville football coach and was quoted saying “that GREASEBALL Bob Petrino.”

Because Coach Petrino is of Italian extraction we find that type of ethnic reference to be extremely offensive to all Italian Americans.

We hope your station took Mr. Rome to task for his insensitive remark and if so we demand that you please inform us of how your station handled that situation.

We surely know that if a slur was used in referencing another ethnicity or racial group that there would be hell to pay.

All we ask is an apology from Mr. Rome and a promise to avoid such indiscretions in the future.


Dr. Emanuele Alfano, President and Founder of the Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition