“Wop Wagon”

Louisiana food truck is introducing an offensive ethnic slur to a new generation and they don’t care. Enraged and offended Italian Americans have stormed the Facebook page of the “Wop Wagon.”

Here’s the kicker, owner Adam Parma is claiming Italian ancestry and doesn’t find it offensive, so now, Italian Americans will find themselves in a very offensive and embarrassing situation when being confronted with his food truck.

Why should Italian Americans be subjected to such ridicule and defamation in public areas? Why should we and our children be confronted with such a slur because someone wants to sell pizza?

Enough is enough! Our children deserve better.

The excerpts below were taken from an article from theadvertiser.com. The entire story can be found at http://www.theadvertiser.com/article/20140103/NEWS01/301020034/Food-truck-also-dishes-up-controversy

“The newest Acadiana food truck isn’t just serving up Italian food. It’s stirring up controversy. Kelly Strenge, vice president of communications for the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission, had not previously heard of the WOP Wagon but said the name could present problems.”

Contact Kelly Strenge and give her your thoughts here: kstrenge@lafayettetravel.com or post your comments on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/thewopwagon.
Vote whether or not you find the term “wop” offensive here www.theadvertiser.com/polls#2. A special report will be issued on the poll results.