UNICO National joins the Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition in Decrying NBC “Meet The Press” Host Chuck Todd’s “Mob” Comment

FAIRFIELD, NJ — UNICO National, the nation’s largest Italian American service and charitable organization, has joined the Italian American ONE VOICE COALTION in publicly denouncing the recent comments made by Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

In a recent discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” cable program, Todd specifically referred to the New York 11th District Congressional race between Michael Grimm and Domenic Recchia as “…a fight between mob families.” Both Recchia and Grimm are of Italian heritage.

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Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition President Dr. Emanuele “Manny” Alfano issued a statement:

“Mr. Todd’s comments about Italian Americans are offensive and stereotypical. As the host of a prominent show and veteran NBC News associate, he ought to know better and should take the time to apologize to the Italian American community.”

Richard D’Arminio, UNICO National President, agreed with Alfano.

“Our organization has a long history of defending against stereotypical and degrading references of Italian Americans,” stated Richard D’Arminio, UNICO National President. “It is verydisturbing to see a prominent TV host on a major network use such a denigrating and hurtful reference.”

D’Arminio commented, “I am pleased that the Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition brought this affront to our attention, and we join with ONE VOICE and other organizations in taking a stand against these types of attacks on our heritage.”

It should be noted that Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show where Todd made the “mob” comment was immediately concerned about the slur and stated – “I disassociate myself from those comments! Holy cow!”

“Chuck Todd should be ashamed of himself,” commented Andre’ DiMino, Executive Director of UNICO National. “It is unbelievable that such an ignorant statement would be made by someone in such a prominent position – would he make such a stereotypical comment about any other ethnicity?” UNICO National was founded in 1922 to positively counteract discrimination against Italian Americans. Here we are 92 years later and we are still facing ugly stereotypical comments by the media. What a disgrace!”

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition is the nation’s only Italian American organization whose sole mandate is to fight stereotypes and bias against Italian Americans.

ONE VOICE has created the first-ever nationwide “rapid response” network of defenders and freedom writers who are activated quickly to respond to bias and stereotyping through emails, letters, and phone calls, through its Facebook page, Twitter account, posts and website (www.IAOVC.org).