Wall of Shame


Johnsonville Foods

AFLAC Commercial

Ad from Pepsi from the 1980s

Ad from Muller Insurance of Hoboken from 2012 official website with video)

Variety Motors pulled this degrading ad off the air after objections from Italian Americans

Carl’s Jr. drops insulting commercial after pressure from Italian American groups

Wonderful Pistachios placed this not-so wonderful ad denigrating Italian Americans

Hardees placed this 2009 ad about an “authentic” Chicken Parmesan sandwich that was not authentic and insulting to Italian Americans

This unfortunately bad Alka Seltzer commercial in 1969 set the trend for Italian American stereotypes

Hoodlum actor Tony Sirico does what he does worst in this commercial stereotyping Italian Americans for Aftonbladet:

List of the 25 most racist advertisements and commercials of all time


Children’s Programming

Rizzo the RAT, pizza in hand. Not a horse, lion or tiger.. a RAT! The Muppet’s.

Sal the Sanitation Bear. Not a doctor, lawyer or police officer.. a GARBAGE MAN! Nickelodeon.

Of course mafia based Shark Tale

Mr. Sabitini, on Bob the Builder. He speaks in stereotyped broken English and is a, you guessed it dramatic Pizza Maker.

Nicky Deuce on Nickelodeon


In the News

Charlie Hebdo

San Diego Symphony – The group has taken umbrage with the symphony’s recent event titled “The Godfather Live: A Reflection”. The event included a pre-event ‘Mafia Costume Party’.

The Sopranos’ is feeling the heat from Italian-American activists

ONE VOICE fought back against this ad agency in Pennsylvania that used puppets in commercials to degrade Italian Americans.  Group says mafia-like car ads stereotype Italian-Americans

Report on 27 Ads that stereotyped Italian Americans (ONE VOICE contributed to the report):

GOP ad uses Italian-American stereotypes against Greek-American candidate in 2010

Red Bull Ran This Blatantly Insulting Ad To Promote Their Awful Product

Rush Limbaugh – One Voice Coaltion Raps Limbaugh for Anti-Italian Remarks

Jon Corzine – Assailed for joking about Italian Americans


Websites & Games

Godfather 2 –  www.ea.com/the-godfather-2

Mafia Site –  www.mafiasite.8m.com

Mafia II  –  www.mafia2game.com


Company Names

Godfather Pizza

Good Fellow Pizza

Dago Joe’s Detroit, MI http://www.dagojoes.com/

Lil Dagos’ Café Natchez, MS


Items from Restaurants

Boom Burger – Guido Burger

The Blue Parrot Restaurant – Wop Burger

Matt’s Place – Wop Chop

Cafe Pettopia – Dago Fries

Rick’s Deli Café – EG “John Gotti,” SANDWICH

Gaetano`s Restaurant At Gaetano’s in Denver, romanticizing the mob while serving the marinara


Actors / Directors

Robert DeNiro once again discredits his heritage with his latest movie debacle ‘The Family’

Spike Lee – Most anti-Italian director in Hollywood

Chazz Palminteri unfortunately disgraces himself and his heritage in this Coca Cola commercial sometime in the 90s

Robert DeNiro gets his comeuppance from Italian American groups for a lifetime of stereotyping his culture


Reality Shows

Jersey Shore

The Real Housewives of New Jersey


My Big Friggin Wedding

Married a Mobster

Mob Wives